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Bluish Business Solutions was started by Tony Kurtulan and Cherie Voise to provide an all in one business solution for small and medium businesses. These proven systems and process are delivered through our network and team of business coaches.

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Experts with high-level and experienced management skills and are adept in problem solving are being hired to create roadmaps with the goal of staying afloat (and even consider expansion). 


Small business owners need to consider the following: 

  • Are these moves only applicable for big companies? 
  • Should small businesses consider partnering with business consultants?
  • Is it highly advisable to acquire the services of teams who know business development? 
  • Is it still possible to grow your business in this topsy-turvy economic climate?
  • How can a business consulting team help me with business plans and project planning?
  • Who is the right small business consulting and project management team to partner with?


Why Is Business Consulting Important, Even For Small Businesses?


It’s a simple matter of “watch and follow”: if the “giants” are maintaining a “business consulting team” and some similar sort of brain trust, why shouldn’t small and medium businesses do the same? (It’s a great strategy to follow, believe us.) 


Small business owners who want to survive and thrive needs to acquire consulting services and marketing consulting from an expert business consultant, or better from a highly touted small business consulting and project management team. 

What Are The Most Common Problems Encountered By Small Businesses?

An important facet to consider in business project planning is the list of problems and issues you’ll be encountering as you go along the way. What are the most pressing matters that you need to sort and solve right away? We’ve listed the most common ones below.


B2B Lead Generation Issues


The best solution if you’re having trouble generating business to business leads is to have your business consulting partner help you in guaranteed lead generation services, through an individual (or a team, depending on your need) who can generate B2B leads for your business. It’ll be better if the provided lead generation expert has lived in the same area where your target clients live in. For example, if your targets are the areas in and around Frisco, TX, then you need to have someone who’s got knowledge in generating leads from that area for you.


Can’t Close Leads, Sales Are Going Down

Generating leads is great, but that’s still half the work done. You will need to close the leads you’ve acquired. If you’re having trouble doing this, your sales will inevitably go down. This is mostly caused by small businesses doing and trying too much on all needed fronts, that the closure of leads through efficient service selling and marketing is neglected.

The solution to this is to adopt Sales As A Service (SAAS). SAAS complements businesses and organizations with a committed sales team comprised of veteran, expert salespeople whose focus is solely on selling your brand’s products and services offered. A good SAAS system and a dedicated sales manager and team will ensure a high success rate for closing the leads and securing clients. Plus, having a dedicated sales team will rid you of one very important concern, so you can focus on other important aspects of your business. It’s an important steppingstone to consistent revenue growth.


Downsizing Due To Expenditures

One of the main factors that force businesses to shut down is the high cost of maintaining a “physical staff” for their operations. Besides salaries, the healthcare and social service benefits of these people have to be covered by the company—and that’s a real headache for a business in a country undergoing recession.


So how can you continue operations and at the same time lessen your expenses? Through offshore staffing solutions. 


Hiring efficient offshore teams and dedicated remote employees to help in your operations will ensure continuity of function and services, as well as guaranteeing a massive cut on your usual expenses for employees. You won’t have to worry about the healthcare and other benefits for your employees: a small business consulting and project management partner with years of experience in offshore staffing and offshore development will take care of that. 


Lack of Efficient IT Support Services

Another problem encountered by small businesses (and by bigger ones at times) is the lack of an efficient IT support service. With the aforementioned movement of business towards the online stage, information technology, cyber security, cloud-based data, hardware and software issues, and file backup and disaster recovery become the prevailing concerns. All of these can be solved by a managed service provider.


A managed service provider manages a team’s IT infrastructure and/or end user systems. Basically, it’s an IT manager and helpdesk support for your business. With this kind of day-to-day monitoring for your IT needs, your business operations will work smoother and your operations will proceed better.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

All in all, it comes down to this. What is BPO?


BPO is the encapsulation, the summary, the complete package of every aforementioned solution in this page. It is the method of contracting the major business functions to be handled by a partner company, in this case a small business consulting and project management partner. It can be termed as offshore outsourcing. 

Everything from business operations, business functions, human resources, handling of sensitive information, customer service, data entry, and a call center (its staple product), can be provided by a BPO vendor. 

A small business looking for a competitive edge over its rivals should look into BPO. All in all, it will help cut costs, save time, and guarantee more sales for its vendee.


Choose Bluish Business Solutions As Your Small Business Consulting and Project Management Partner

Management skills, problem solving skills, deep knowledge of the project management process. These are the attributes a small business consulting and project management partner must possess. You can’t entrust your business’ existence and growth to a partner who’s all promises, all flash, without the expertise and years of experience to back it all up.


Bluish Business Solutions has a business brain trust with over 30 years of experience in business, and 20 years of it spent in digital marketing. We’ve got everything covered for your organization. And when we say everything, we mean it.

Business Solutions  are powered by Bluish Business Solutions (a Tony Kurtulan Company)

Turnkey Solutions for business that includes:

  • Business Growth Coaching
  • Sales Training
  • Proven Templates, Systems and Examples
  • Executive Coaching
  • Online Business Optimization – online ads, reputation management, graphic design, web design and SEO
  • Online Advertising
  • Reputation Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • SEO

Yes, we provide SEO Services through our sister company Bluish Business Solutions and through Tony Kurtulan (a la carte SEO Services)

  • Local SEO Services
  • Google My Business Management Services
  • On Page SEO Services
  • Off Page SEO Services
  • Backlink Services
  • SEO Content Creation Services
  • SEO Training and Management

The Turn Key Services from Bluish Business Solutions costs on $1,700 / month.

  • Month to Month Contract
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Everything you need for your business in one spot

We have work in most all industries. 

Sale Coaching is provide by Tony Kurtulan.

Sale Coaching is the process of assessing your current sales process and making adjustments to improve more profitable business.

  • Sale Process Assessment
  • Sale Strategy and Planning
  • Sale Action Outreach
  • Sales Tracking & Adjustments
  • Sales Management 

If you are looking for proven systems and processes that deliver results, then yes you need business coach.

Your business coach will help guide you to the results you are looking for in your business.

Bluish Business Solutions provides month to month with no contracts.