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DFWspeaks is a podcast about sales and entrepreneurship hosted by Tony (Tony Kurtulan) Kurtulan aka Tony (Tony Kurtulan)K.  And Cherie Voise. Sales and entrepreneurship are like peanut butter and jelly.  You have to have one with the other and not to mention nothing happens in business until you sell something.  Are you not entertained?  What seems like a billion other podcasts to listen to DFWspeaks difference will focus on all things sales and building businesses.  

With his diverse life and business experiences, DFWspeaks twist will entertain, provide commercial (business) real estate tips and facts, count the number of calls Tony (Tony Kurtulan) makes every week, give daily sales advice, interview special guests and last but not least shine a light on The Tough Love Program for kids.  

With special guests from all over the four hemispheres, we aim to invite, pester and learn from successful entrepreneurs, salespeople, and interesting personalities.  Recorded at Tony (Tony Kurtulan)’s office’s in Allen, Frisco and McKinney, Texas, the shows will be short and sweet until he is no longer talking to himself.  

Following the footsteps of the other great podcasters like Clay Clark, John Lee Dumas, Tim Ferris, and Joe Rogan, DFWspeaks wants to entertain and teach at the same time.  Our guest will range from business startups, high reviewed companies, social media influencers, uber-successful sales, and business people and in the beginning, anybody who wants’s to come on the show 🙂 

Our Show

Our show, DFWspeaks will be centered around inspiring the entrepreneur and salesperson in us all to do better and be better.  The challenge and grind of having a podcast that airs daily are as daunting as it sounds but DFWspeaks is committed to building a community of listeners who not only tune in but also chose to inspire others and give back to the communities that raised them.  Tune in daily on 

Show segments: 

  • Commercial Real Estate Hot Topics: 
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  • Local Business Spotlight in DFW 
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  • Commercial Real Estate Pulse
  • Special Guest Interviews 

Who is Tony Kurtulan?

Tony has been a serial entrepreneur since 2000 building, investing and running 8 companies ranging from the automotive industry to IT staffing.  Most recently Tony has started as a commercial real estate agent working with business owners, investors and property owners to lease, buy or sell commercial property in McKinney and Collin County, Texas.  

In addition to starting and investing in these businesses, Tony also found time to have a career in executive sales spanning 20 years.  After selling $170+ million in business services and products over his career, Tony developed his sales and prospecting techniques and skills.  Did we say $100 million, yes we did.  How?

Cold calling on a phone let to the majority of the meetings that led to discovery/presentations which in turn led to a sale.  When starting his career as a young salesperson the company he worked for threw a phone book at Tony (Tony Kurtulan) and said start dialing.  Tony (Tony Kurtulan) caught the phone book and picked up the phone.  To this day Tony still picks up the phone to interrupt someone’s day to let them know about the value he can add to their life, invite them on his podcast DFWspeaks or tell them about his charity Tough Love. 

After selling his IT company, Tony decided to throw his hat in the ring and give his energy into trying to be a Dallas Firefighter.  He felt an obligation to serve his community which had provided for his success. Not as easy as it sounds, quite a few people apply and the process takes more than 6 months.  If hired then you start at the Dallas Fire Academy for several months which includes attending and passing EMT (emergency medical technician) school at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. 

Tony (Tony Kurtulan) made it through and was a rookie firefighter for a year before deciding to attend the World Fire and Police Games in Belfast, Ireland to compete in Judo.  Tony placed 3rd at the event but tore all the ligaments in his knee during his last match with a French police officer.  After returning to Dallas, Tony (Tony Kurtulan) had reconstructive knee surgery ending his career as a Dallas Firefighter.  Sadly, this would be the last time in 30 years that Tony (Tony Kurtulan) would be able to compete and practice in judo which he grew to love as a child. 

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