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We take a quick look at our cold calling numbers for the week.

Show # 6 - Set One: Happy September! Power Cold Calling with TonyK and CherieV

Happy September! Today’s show is our set one cold calling with TonyK on our set one shows, we’re going to do a quick look at our cold calling numbers for the week, previous week, and go from there. So I wanted to do a show called Set one once a week going over my real calling numbers with the listeners.

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Happy September! TonyK and Cherie V the smart persistent sales show, sales tips and talk, take action, stay persistent and set one. If you want to learn more, to sell more!

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Now. Let’s set one. One. Yes, we’re back. All right, me and CherieV  20k Cherie V here. Welcome back guys. Today’s show is our set one cold calling with TonyK on our set one shows, we’re going to do a quick look at our cold calling numbers for the week, previous week, and go from there.

So, I wanted to do a show called Set one once a week going over my real calling numbers with the listeners. So today we’ll hear about my calls from September 19 to September 30. Happy September! Set one every day, you need to set one appointment. So that’s what the set one, when you hear us say, Take Action Set one. That’s what we’re talking about.

Hey, Tony, before we get started on that, do you have a funny joke for us?

Sure. What does cold calling and relationships have in common? Tell us? You don’t know what I’m going to say and neither do I bid on bump.

So there’s a lot of great stats and quotes out there. There’s a good one from CrunchBase statistic, it says on average, it takes eight cold calls (cold calls meaning) to reach a prospect. So we have a couple of questions for that. Tony, first questions. So we have a couple of questions regarding cold calls (cold calls meaning). One of the questions that I have is how many calls (cold calls meaning) did you actually make from the 19th? To the 30th?

Yes, so 19th to the 30th. I made 1251 calls (cold calls meaning).

Oh, wow. That’s a lot of calls (cold calls meaning). How long did that take you?

It took some time. But I use a dialer. So it’s pretty efficient. We’ve got the list is up into the dialer. And the dialer is just dialing away. We got our script out, we’re staying focused. And yeah, moves along pretty quickly, just probably two to three hours a day or so.

Oh, wow. So what were your results on that? And do you write them down? Or how do you keep track of all the calls (cold calls meaning) that you make?

Yes, another great question. In sales, or in business in general, you want to track what’s most important to you, we want to make sure that our script is getting the results that we want. We’re looking for a 3% to two plus percent, three 3% based on how many people we spoke to. So we spoke to 100 people we want to 3% appointment setting rate we need to every 100 people we talked to we need to set three appointments. I spoke to 55 people, and I said five appointments, which was 9% appointment rate, the people I spoke to to appointments I set.

Those are some great numbers there. Happy September! So when you record your calls (define calling), do you ever go over them? Do you ever analyze them to see where you can improve and what you could have done better?

Yes, another great question. Yeah, that’s a big part of tracking is making sure you record your calls (define calling). Now today most software or dialers you use or a VoIP phone providers provide call recording. So you can have your calls (define calling) recorded go back check. For example, the previous show we talked about how my calls (define calling)

in the previous week as these are actually this is actually the week or week and a half we were talking about where my volume, you couldn’t hear me I was muffled last two days I was making calls (define calling), my quality of my sound was down and my energy level was low.

The last two days I didn’t set any appointments. So really this this is I say to the 30th more like the 28th because they’re 27 started on the 28th and 29th No one could hear me for the two three hours I was calling so it’s a mix another good point, you call for an hour and go back and listen to your calls (define calling). Make sure people can hear you just from the standpoint of quality. I basically wasted three hours of my day making calls and no one could hear me for the whole three hours so that’s what I feel like I could have done better. 

Do you have something to interject with that? Why do you think it is that you were muffled and that people couldn’t hear you? What do you think it was?

I think it was just the the settings on my headset and then also we use a dialer so we’re gonna we’re gonna reach out to the software the people that provide the dialer and making sure that it’s not a setting that set wrong but um worst case we can just move to a dial by hand which will fix the problem but I’m also I realized I didn’t tell you where I track my numbers I have a Google Sheet open Excel sheet and I just as as I’m doing it just just hit the hit the keyboard and it marks one just make making notches right make four and slashing it out. And that’s five calls and just old school going like that or even with a sheet of paper if I don’t have a computer at the time. 

Is that best way to track your calls? Or is there some kind of software or product that you could use or why is it that you do it that way?

So yeah, you can track it anyway. There’s some No right or wrong way to track it as long as you have your numbers down.

It’s awesome. Happy September! So overall, can you just sum up the highlights for today’s show of what we’ve learned and why it matters?

Yes, I mean today, I think the big thing is to track your calls, record your calls make adjustments as needed. For example, we talked about the last two days I had no appointments because of my sound quality and low energy level. That all comes back to tracking your calls, going back and reviewing them. And that’s all we got for today, TonyK and CherieV reminding everybody to stay persistent.

Thanks for listening. We hope that you learned something on our show. If you enjoy our show, please like subscribe and share.Hey Tony, say something funny


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