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Sales Coaching Near Me - Tips with Tony Kurtulan

Sales Coaching  Near Me Tips with Tony Kurtulan  – 

Cherie Voise calls in while Tony Kurtulan is driving…listen in for more…Business Solutions and Sales Tips in Allen Texas

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Sales Coaching  Near Me Tips with Tony Kurtulan 


Tony Kurtulan Kaye and Cherie Voise  V the smart persistent sales show, sales tips and talk, take action, stay persistent and set one. If you want to learn more, to sell more,


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Now let’s set one. Tony Kurtulan Kaye and Gary Vee. We’re back for a quick little check in we’re gonna have some episodes where we’re just checking in real quick. We’re in the car Cherie Voise  has called me we’re conference in share. He’s got a quick question. So you’ve been thinking about sales? What you got Cherie Voise , Tony Kurtulan,


thank you for that preparing for sales. Where do we get our list?


A Tony Kurtulan Kay sales tip, a Tony Kurtulan Kay sales


tip. Like, how do we know who to call?


That’s a great question. Cherie Voise , that’s a question most people have question is, where do you get your list? And how do you know who to call, the first thing you want to do is develop your Sales Coaching Near Me – Tips with Tony Kurtulan . Some people call it your target buyer or your audience, for your service or your product, who’s gonna buy the product and service. So that’s the first thing you have to dive into. So once you get that figured out, then you understand who you need to contact, then you understand where that person or where you’re going to contact and this is going to be at work home, a retail scenario, so forth. So once you have that information, then you can dive into where to find their phone number, email, contact information, business to business, it’s gonna probably have to be a list that you purchase, through companies like zoom info, and 

They have business to business list you can purchase. They’re not cheap, but you know doing business, there’s a cost of doing business. So you buy those lists from them directly. There’s other ways to get lists and get contact information, contacting people on LinkedIn, it just takes a little longer, or you can get contact information through referrals, and so forth. But the quickest way is to identify your target audience or who you’re selling to your Sales Coaching Near Me – Tips with Tony Kurtulan . And get the list and start, start. Start from there. So you who you’re going to sell to where they’re at, get their contact information, then you have to build your message, whether it’s an email script or cold calling script, what you’re going to say to set the appointment. Does that answer your question? Cherie Voise ?


Yes, it does. Thank you. I was also wondering what these lists can create in the Sales Coaching Near Me – Tips with Tony Kurtulan  and everything that you’ve just given us. How easy is it to cross pollinate? Meaning can you take once you have a Sales Coaching Near Me – Tips with Tony Kurtulan , and you have the target service and product that you want to sell them? If you come across something else? Or you move into a different sales direction? Can you cross pollinate these lists? Can you use the same Sales Coaching Near Me – Tips with Tony Kurtulan  for something like that? Or how do you have to create one specific persona, product service, etc,


I think that it’s different. That’s why you make a Sales Coaching Near Me – Tips with Tony Kurtulan  for each service and product. Now the contact information is the same, it’s the same person. Now the same person can also by a business to business product. And they can also buy a business to consumer product. So the same person I sell it staffing to might also need his landscaping done in his house. 

But it’s kind of hard once you’re known as the guy who gave him his IT staffing. I mean, then you can reach out and say that you you’ve you’ve started a landscaping business, because you had your approach. And if you can have the story that you have to have the story that crosses the bridge of how you went from IT staffing, and now you’re doing landscaping, that story, then yes, you can contact the same person to sell them to different services or products. Me myself, I’ve been in multiple industries. 

So it’s something I’ve had to do because I’ve reached out to my network for multiple things. Over the years. I’ve been in real estate, commercial real estate, I had a retail store, we did construction, cleanup, auto restoration, just to name a few things that I’ve done over the years. And I contacted a lot of the same people telling him that I’ve either reinvented myself moved on to a new industry. A great example is I was in real estate I was doing very well in real estate. But it just wasn’t for me. I didn’t enjoy the real estate process. And people loved it. It wasn’t for me. So I moved on to something that I find more enjoyable. But yes, you can’t cross the bridge. The key to cross that bridge is having a story that resonates.


That’s really great information. Also kind of just to piggyback on that, how receptive Do you find that people were was it a difficult transition? Or did you find that there were certain things that made them more or less receptive to crossing over?


Another great question. I had people that I’d built relationships over the years, that we send each other Christmas cards and we communicated outside of business hours. We knew about each other’s families and what was going on in each other’s lives. We had built that type of relationship. When you get to that level. It’s not difficult.


That’s a really great point. It’s really great to know that relationships are definitely key with everything that’s exceptional.


Thank you, Cherie Voise . We just won I’m gonna do a quick check in for you guys. I’m driving and she’s conferencing in so we wanted to keep the ball rolling first episode is our first time getting at it and I had done in a while and Cherie Voise ‘s pretty new to it. So be patient with us. We’ll get better. Share, Like Comment, and we’ll have some more podcasts and blogs coming soon. Thanks, guys.


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