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Tony Kurtulan started selling door to door when he was 13 years old, $170  Million+ later Tony is still selling.

After 30+ years, Tony Kurtulan brings his skill and knowledge to help training and inspire the next generation of sales people.  He loves sales and loves teaching other sales people to become success with proven systems and repeatable results.             

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Master the Art to Increase Sales (Consulting – Smart Persistence Sale™ Coaching) for Your Small Business with These 10 Tips

Sales Consulting Tony Kurtulan Dallas TX

Does your small business have fantastic products or services, but can’t seem to get your ideal customers to buy it?

Do you have a muddled Sales (Consulting – Smart Persistence Sale™ Coaching) and marketing strategy, or don’t know how to approach potential clients?

Attracting new customers and repeat businesses is a critical phase in the Sales (Consulting – Smart Persistence Sale™ Coaching) process. It might be difficult for others, but if you want to grow your business, you must determine which Sales (Consulting – Smart Persistence Sale™ Coaching) and marketing strategy would work best to increase Sales (Consulting – Smart Persistence Sale™ Coaching). 

These 10 tips will help your small business gain more clients who WILL purchase your product time and again.

10 Secrets to Increase Sales (Consulting – Smart Persistence Sale™ Coaching)

1) Ask questions and pay attention.

When qualifying, it’s important to “peel the layers of the onion” and ask as many relevant questions as possible. Your customers will often suppress information from you, but the more details you have about them, the greater chance you have of showing value when selling your product.

2) Flaunt results.

For small business owners, one of the best ways to boost Sales (Consulting – Smart Persistence Sale™ Coaching) is to share results with prospective clients. It enables them to see how they can scale their business or meet a personal need. Since they can see results, it makes it much easier for them to consider you.

Existing customers’ testimonials come in handy in this case. Make sure to include them in your marketing materials.

3) Assume that you’ve already closed the sale.

One of the most effective strategies to Increase Sales (Consulting – Smart Persistence Sale™ Coaching) is to believe that the person on the other end has already decided to buy your product. The reasons behind this:

  • Depending on your sector, there’s a fair chance your target may have already researched your company or product and, to some degree, made up their mind that they are going to buy.
  • It would be easier to establish a connection with your client if you demonstrate confidence by assuming the sale. They won’t even know they’ve been sold by the time you’re finished.

4) Be unique.

Looking for commodities to remedy a problem or meet a need is simpler than before. You can easily search online, chat with a few buddies, or check comments and reviews about a company or product on social media.

As a result, your small business’s voice needs to stand out from the crowd for your prospects to be drawn to you. Creating a memorable first impression is the first step in making them aware of your business to increase Sales (Consulting – Smart Persistence Sale™ Coaching). Two tricks:

  • Your content must relate to them. What are their pain points (even if they aren’t aware of them yet)?
  • Your message must be delivered compellingly. Ensure that they are actionable, too.

5) Visualize your story.

Including images, videos, or whiteboards in your email marketing, website, and social media accounts can demonstrate how your product can solve a prospect’s dilemma. You can create contrast by using visuals that bring a sense of urgency, which, in turn, will help you seal the deal.

6) Get the better of Sales (Consulting – Smart Persistence Sale™ Coaching) objections.

An objection is a hotbed of opportunities. This indicates that the person is actively involved. Here are a few tips to help you overcome Sales (Consulting – Smart Persistence Sale™ Coaching) objections:

  • “You’re too expensive compared to blah-blah.”

Suppose that your product is truly more expensive than your competitor’s. Continue the conversation. Rebut with relatable benefits that will give customers their money’s worth.

  • “I want more.”

We all understand how challenging it is to have the lowest price while maintaining high quality and superb customer service. Highlight your strengths and advantages over your competitors. Emphasize the value that your product will bring.

  • “Your product doesn’t fulfill our needs.”

Take a moment to consider your prospect’s mindset. Empathize. You can tailor your strategy when you see through your client’s eyes and start making points that are important to them.

  • “I don’t want to switch.”

Show the buyer that you have an established track record of tangible achievements. Present numbers for them to cling to. Facts speak for themselves, and they’re crucial when it comes to overcoming Sales (Consulting – Smart Persistence Sale™ Coaching) objections.

7) Don’t be afraid to share more information right away.

Some small business owners, notably those in the professional service sector, fail to provide adequate information and knowledge upfront. When you educate customers, you’re actually empowering them and bringing them closer to your company. Offer free trials if you must.

8) Recognize what drives your consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Clients buy because they have a problem or a need. You’ll have a much greater chance to increase Sales (Consulting – Smart Persistence Sale™ Coaching) if you solve their problems. Spend time finding out what makes your prospects want to buy.

9) Drive customers to reach a decision.

Push potential customers to make a decision when you feel they have enough information to do so. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in a “maybe” – you’ll be left wondering whether your prospects are (or will ever be) prepared to buy as they await a solution. Or someone else might get ahead of you in line.

10) Go above and beyond.

Over-delivering is important if you want consumers to buy from you again and tell others about you. Not only can you increase Sales (Consulting – Smart Persistence Sale™ Coaching) and gain repeat and new businesses, but you will also develop reliable Sales (Consulting – Smart Persistence Sale™ Coaching) processes. Consider this as a long-term investment.