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Introduction to our Podcast: The Smart Persistence Sales Podcast for business owners, sales professionals or anyone wanting to learn more about successful selling, hosted by TonyK and co hosted by CherieV. TonyK and CherieV also showcase their two companies: Cowboy Business Solutions and Smart Persistence Sales. Smart Persistence Sales™ Coaching, a sales training company located in Allen, TX.

TonyK has personally trained and coached over 50 sales people and more than half of them have gone find financial freedom, with the sales and business skills they developed. Smart Persistence has always been TonyK’s motto and why we named the podcast Smart Persistence Sales. TonyK talks about his upcoming book, titled: Smart Persistence Sales. The book talks about his sales journey, and gives guidance and practicable advice that will help train and guide the next generation of sales professionals. The show discusses the sales conversion process, cold calling, emailing, sales tools review, best practices in sales and interviews the top thought leaders in sales and business to understand what method or style of selling has worked best for them. TonyK has sold over $100million and has had multiple successful businesses. 

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00:01 – Sales Training Companies Dallas TX

Warning. Warning. You’ve entered the danger zone. That’s right, live and uncut. So you guys, no, no editing today or ever. You’re just gonna get us raw live. So 54321 Boom. All right, I know what you guys are thinking another podcast show about sales. Podcasts are a dime a dozen. I’m right there with you. But I really believe we got some great information for you guys. Yes, another show why another show about sales? because sales is hard, but it’s rewarding. Let me explain. Hi, I’m TonyK – Sales Coaching Kaye, with my co hosts here. I am sharing me. That’s right. CherieV put the DMV Miss CherieV V. I’m excited to dive into the journey that is selling and all the good, the bad and ugly that comes with it.


Yes. Today, we wanted to do introduce our show the smart assistant sales show. It’s for business owners, sales professionals, or anyone else wanted to learn more about successful selling. TonyK – Sales Coaching, you have a fascinating story about selling and it’s really successful, if you can to share a little bit with


Sales Training Companies Dallas TX

her I would love to that’s really the point of this show is to share our our information and information is power. So they’re really going to do that. So yes, CherieV, thank you. Yeah, sales done right can change your life just like it did mine. Our story of failures, successes that we’re going to talk about, we’re going to talk with experts, we’re going to talk about the tools, the processes, the proven path to success when it comes to sales and business to help the next generation of sales and business professionals.


Yeah, it’s very interesting to hear success stories, especially because there’s such a small percentage of people actually reach the success. to find a Sales Training Companies Dallas TX


Your 100%. Right. The numbers are staggering. And when you look at them, lots of information on the net about it. But you know, there’s like I say, you’re probably right. That is why I say sales are so hard because it really is you have to be very persistent. It’s important to note Dan Lyons writes on HubSpot, that 6% of sales, salespeople are elites who are great at sales, another 20% are doing well but could do better. And then there’s 74% Who are failing, and most of the 74% that are in that 74% bracket can improve if they get training, I want to repeat, there’s a nugget you can improve if you get training in sales.


That’s a staggering percentage. 74%. But it’s really great to not that would that 74% can actually improve? Um, what what do you think could help with that with


that? Yeah, I think they’re thank Yes, Jerry, you know, in? What I would say is? That’s a great question, CherieV, thank you. I think information is powerful, and we have a lot to share. Right. And I personally have trained and coached over 50 salespeople, and more than half of them have gone on to find financial freedom with the sales and business skills they developed and working with me together. The others did very well. But some there’s always a higher percentage, the upper tier who really honed in on their skills. And that’s why there’s two businesses that were we’re building at the time main sharing V.


One is a business growth coaching, consultancy, and another one is for sales, leadership and training. Both companies will be up and running in the next 30 to 60 days. So we’re excited about that. We’ll keep an eye out for that. And excuse me one second, I lost my place your CherieV Ah, there we go. So smart persistence. That’s what I always that’s always been my motto, right?

Smart persistence sales, Sales Training Companies Dallas TX Because there’s, there’s, for me, it’s more persistence is real simple. It’s three steps in the steps you can you can elaborate on steps, you want to plan. You want to have a plan that’s building your list, getting prepared your scripts, practice your scripts, understanding your differentiator in your industry, and then there’s taking action, right? That’s cold calling, emailing, networking, getting active in all the channel sales channels, you want to be active in, right and then they’re staying persistence.


The third and final piece, which to me is the most important piece. Now you if you don’t take the first two steps, the third piece is irrelevant. But you have to stay persistent. That is the key that has been the key to my success, staying persistent, but having a smart, persistent, person, excuse me, persistence, you don’t want to go a million miles in the wrong direction. You want to be smart in the way that you stay persistent. So that’s that’s really Yes, Sales Training Companies Dallas TX are not easy to find.

04:24 that’s really great. I mean, no, I mean, there’s or anything where any places where we could learn more about this?

04:30 Well, yes. Sorry. Put me off. Yeah. I mean, I’m currently writing a book about smart, persistent sales. And it talks about my journey in sales, in the way in the things that I’ve learned along the way. And the whole point of the book is to help guide and train the next generation of sales professionals. So I’m very excited about about that. And I’m also excited to


say that I’m taking speaking engagements to discuss smart persistency of sales. So if you have have, you know any need for someone to come and talk to your group your business, about sales, professional sales, my journeys and sales over the last 25 years, starting when I was 10 years old, pushing my lawn more down the street, knocking on doors, trying to cut grass all the way to selling over 100 million plus in it retail, consulting multiple industries. It’s a journey of success failures. And just basically the journey is having smart persistence and staying persistent. So also check out our new website, TonyK – Sales Coaching, for more information on our business and where we’re at,


oh, that’s great. So just so I understand property, we have the book, we have a smart persistence sales program, is that correct?


Yes, smart persistence sales that that’s going to be our is going to be the sales training that goes along with the book. So the book also talks about how to sell the roadmap to selling right the three steps I talked about planning, taking action and staying persistent, but broken down into the steps, the details of each step. And then and then all of this you can find on TonyK – Sales Coaching cardiotonic So you have the book, the training, the speaking engagements, and then we have a business growth consultancy that me and yourself are starting so we’re very excited. So


Sales Training Companies Dallas TX just like SPS our podcast 


Yes, cowboy business. Very busy. So cowboy Business Solutions located here in Allen, Texas, our office ism Allen of waters Creek, we’re very excited about that. We got that going. And you know, just a lot of great things happening. So we wanted to have this first podcast, excuse me, this first episode to introduce everybody interested but introduce English, reduce everything we’re doing. So everyone listening has to excuse us, we are gonna go uncut, and live for the first several weeks just to kind of get things moving without having to do too much editing. But then that’s why you’ll hear some mistakes here and there. So it’s totally


fine. So getting back to the bug, when do you expect? When do you expect that we’ll be able to get


a copy of your book? Sure. The book should be ready in about 90 days, it’ll start off as an e book. And as I mentioned, it’s just a journey, my journey in sales, the things I’ve learned along the way, the things that have worked, the things that have not worked for me, I have my background is very heavy in cold calling, I started cold calling 25 years ago, my first job, and I’ve been cold calling ever since and to this day, I still do over 100 cold calls a day. So still very active in the tools that are used. Also email marketing, just all the different channels. But like I said, My My background is very heavy into the in the cold calling space.


Wow, that’s wonderful. 100 cold calls a day. exciting way to us spend the day.


Yes, yes, three to four hours at least if you have a tool little faster but


very exciting. There’s a great quote by Ben elder from the Forbes council member. That’s why I really like he says it’s easy, of course when observing other people’s successes, to think that it can easily rooted at the heart of every endeavor is failure. What do you think about that?


Yes, I think great. Thank you, CherieV. Yes, our show will discuss the sales conversion process cold calling, emailing sales tools, review the best practices and sales interview the top thought leaders in sales and business to understand what methods or style of selling is work best for them. And with all that being said, if you cannot handle failure or rejection, this might not be the business for you. For sales go, you’re gonna get rejected more than you’re gonna have success, right. So every 100 phone calls, usually you’re gonna get anywhere from three to 5%. And for me, it’s every 100 people I speak to, you get three to 5%. So you’ll set three appointments for every 100 people you talk to, well, that’s 97% rejection rate, a 97% failure rate. But I guarantee you if you’re setting three to five, if you’re doing 3% or more appointment, setting your percentage, you’re going to make a lot of money in almost any industry. So the irony is you only need 3% success rate to be successful in this business. That’s that’s that’s the irony.


That sounds that sounds fantastic. So tell me how much do you like the word no.


45 years old. I’ve been hearing the word no, for 20 plus years in business. And it’s just like I said, staying persistent, being smart. And you just keep pushing through. Pushing through. Yeah,


wonderful. Well, make sure to like subscribe and share our show so you don’t miss out on all this fantastic information. And


yeah, she this definitely likes like CherieV Vee said, you know, subscribe, share our show, and follow us at TonyK – Sales Coaching A lot of great information coming and this will be a weekly show to start and then eventually it’ll be two episodes a week and then we’ll just start posting episodes and droves but at least expect one show a week for as the timing of the show. And then just a final note, you know arsenal. As I mentioned, our show will be recorded without any edits. And so you’ll get live and uncut. And we’d love to get your feedback. So, comment, send us comments when listening. This sort of the show will be on all podcasting platforms. And then we’ll repost to LinkedIn and Twitter as well. So if you’re on Twitter or LinkedIn, please comment we’d love to hear your your thoughts about what we’re doing and good, bad and ugly. So TonyK – Sales Coaching Kaye, CherieV be reminding everyone to stay persistent.