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Why it’s important to record your calls and some useful energy tips.

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Tapeacall – In this podcast we discuss why it’s important to record your calls – tapeacall!, and then listen to them to make improvements for future calls – tapeacall!  Some things to take note of are: sound quality, clarity (avoid a lack of clarity) from a technical standpoint – and on a more personal note we discuss what kind of energy another word such as zest is being brought to the call and offer some tips on how to get into the right frame of mind and what goes on with the body and brain.

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Tapeacall –



Can I say that last part again? I’m gonna say the last one I



get yes, they say they say those three words really quick,



oxytocin, endorphins and dopamine.



You heard it here first dopamine, TonyK



and CherieV,



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Now let’s set one.



Yeah, hey, Tony, what do you get when no one can hear you? No appointments.



Just sharing. Today we’re going to do some sales coaching with some tips on recording your call, audio clarity (and avoid a lack of clarity) and call energy another word such as zest.



Hey, Tony, when cold calling is it important to record your calls – cold calls- lack of clarity!?



That’s a great question. CherieV. Thank you, it is always important to record your calls – cold calls- lack of clarity!. Why you might ask even after 20 plus years of cold calling, nothing ever goes 100% smoothly. In reviewing my calls – cold calls- lack of clarity! for this last week, it came to our attention that my voice was not coming across.


Clearly, I had bad bad sound quality. I was using a dialer. And my voice came across muffled. Also, the second thing we noticed is my energy another word such as zest level was down on most of my calls – cold calls- lack of clarity!. I thought I was bringing energy another word such as zest with my calls – cold calls- lack of clarity!. But in listening to it. These two things resulted in poor performance from my last two days of cold calling. CherieV speaks to mindset all the time. CherieV, what are some tips for keeping your energy another word such as zest up when making hundreds of calls – tapeacall! every day?



While Tony that’s actually a really good point. energy another word such as zest levels are right, yeah, they have a lot of effect. When you’re making a call, some of the things you can do is stand up and move around when you’re making the calls – tapeacall!. So don’t sit down. Another thing that you can do is you can have some active mood music.


And even though you’re on the phone, you can have a plane softly in the background just to keep your energy another word such as zest up. Another thing you can do is visualize that the conversation is going positively. Even when somebody shuts you down. You can say things like that’s great or thank you even make a light joke of it. Fun fact, is that saying thank you keeps you in good spirits. It gives you the feeling of gratitude and it actually releases a combination of oxytocin, endorphins and dopamine.



Wow, CherieV, thank you, oxytocin, endorphins and dopamine. Well, can I say that? Let’s say let’s say those three



words really quick. Yeah, oxytocin, endorphins. And dopamine.



You heard it here first dopamine. Thank you, CherieV. That was wonderful. As always, remember, only 3% of the market is in what they call buying mode. And this is from Chet Holmes Ultimate Sales Machine that is a must read. We have the link to that in the show notes. So be ready to expect 97% rejection basically.

So you want to keep your energy another word such as zest high when making your calls – tapeacall!. Use good equipment to have clear sound quality, record your calls – tapeacall! and listen for the needed adjustments, energy another word such as zest, sound quality, scripts, adjustments and so forth.



Talking about sound quality, how you sound makes a difference on the phone, right?



Yes, I would say the tone of your voice and how you sound does make a difference. The clothes.com has a blog post that says 93% of potential success of your cold calls – tapeacall! comes down to the tone of your voice. In the blog post. They talk about having the right volume level to sound confident, clear. And using pacing, pacing, excuse me pacing and cadence to sound intelligent and create a certain sense of urgency, also body language to build confidence even on the phone.



Well, there you have it. Those are some great tips from Tony. That’s all for today. We look forward to you guys. Joining us on the next show.



TonyK and CherieV reminding everyone to take action. Stay persistent and set one. Thanks for listening.



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